Deep V-neck top - powder pink


The oversize top with deep neckline is the perfect base for many different sets. It is made of high quality bamboo fabric*. It has rounded sides, which are the distinguishing mark of Wiola Wołczyńska Essential brand.

The model is 176 cm tall and is wearing the size M / L.

*) The bamboo fabric is pleasantly soft like silk. Bamboo does not crease as easily as cotton and is very easy to iron, it is suitable for washing at low temperatures, does not require the use of a softener. Bamboo fabric has thermoregulatory properties: during the summer bamboo fiber is from 2-3 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. These fabrics also absorb moisture very well (it absorbs moisture three times better than cotton) and it evaporates easily.

The method of making a bamboo fabric differs, for example, from cotton, due to the fact that bamboo is a plant rarely attacked by pests - it does not require the use of pesticides when it is grown, and when producing so many chemicals. Thanks to the fact that bamboo is a 100% biodegradable plant and decomposes naturally - it is one of the most environmentally friendly


Bamboo 97%
Elastane 3%

Size XS / S:
Overall length: 64cm
Sleeve length: 42 cm
The width at the bust: 51cm
Size M / L:
Overall length: 68cm
Sleeve length: 46cm
The width at the bust: 67cm

We recommend hand washing in cool water.

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