Your order has arrived and it turns out that the garment does not fit, it is too big or too small. The most important thing is that we will help you solve this problem.You always have the right to return the productwithin 14 days after youhave received it.


1.     Can I exchange/return the product?

The buyer has the right to exchange the product (by sending it back within 14 calendar daysafter the receipt of the ordered goods), if the size or the cut is wrong. The clothes should be sent back in original packaging, intact, with a note giving the reason for the return and the right size – optionally this piece of information may be sent to .


2.     Can I complain about the goods?

In accordance with the consumer law there is a 2-year warranty on the goods sold via the Internet. Within this period the customer has the right to complain about the goods. 
The complaint may be sent in by email at the address: and should state the reason. Also a scan of the receipt or the invoice for the purchase in our shop should be attached.
Without the proof of purchase the complaint is ineffective.


3.     How is the money refunded in the event of a return or a complaint and within what time do I get my money back? 

The money is refunded within 14 days by transferto the customer’s account provided in the return or complaint form. If the purchase was paid for by a payment card, the money will be paid back to the same card. When the return or complaint procedure is successfully finished, sends a notice about the change of the order status.

4.     Can I exchange a particular piece of clothing only for the same productin a different size or for a different product? How is the price difference settled?

An exchange of a product for the same product in a different size does not cause any additional cost for the customer. If the customer wants to exchange the product for a different one offered in the shop, the return procedure is being used (all the principles of the return procedure apply, see above) and a new product is boughtin accordance with the usual purchase procedure in the shop


5.     If I complain about the product, will I receive the product once again or can I get a refund?

The customer may choose the preferred form of complaint. The product is repaired, or it is exchanged for a new one, or the money is refunded.  If we do not have the product in stock for exchange, we will return you the money within 14 working days.