The online shop , at the internet address , is run by JARTIS Jarosław Brycko, registered at the address: ul. Warszawska 284, 05-092 Lomianki, with the TIN: 118-137-72-80 andthe company number (REGON): 140502871


1.  sells products on theInternet.
Orders are received through the . To place an order, you must fill in the order form, entering your personal data, and accept the value of your order by choosing the option "Place the order and pay". After placing and paying for the order, the Buyershall receive an email confirming the paymentfor the order in the system.

2. The order is fulfilled when the due amountis credited to the account of
Account number: 32 1140 2017 0000 4702 1307 4653   BIC / Swift: BREXPLPWMUL 

3. The ordered products are manufactured within 7 working days from the working day following the day when the due amount is credited to the account of

4. After the ordered goods have been produced, they are sent to the Buyer, and the time of shipment is included in the time of order fulfilment specified in item 3.

5. In the event of any problems with the fulfilment of the order, whether due to unavailability of a part of the necessary materials or due to delays for other reasons, the Buyerwill be informed about it immediatelyvia email and has the right to decide whether the order is to be filled in part or after the delay, or cancelled altogether. If the composition of the order is changed or the order is cancelled, will immediately refund a part or the whole amount paid by the Buyer transferring it to the same bank account from which it was transferred to the account

6. All prices are in PLN including VAT. The price quoted with every product becomes binding when the order is placed by the Buyer. When the Buyertransfers the amount due for his/her order to the account of specifiedin item 2 of these terms of use, an agreement is concluded between the seller - and the Buyer. The subject matter of the agreement is the goods specified in the order. The rights and obligations of the parties from the concluded agreement are governed by the Civil Codeof 23 April 1964r (Journal of Laws 1964,no. 16, item 93 as amended) and the act dated 2 March 2000on the protectionof some of the consumers’ rights and the liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws 2000, no. 22, item 271as amended).

7. The Buyerpays for the ordered goods by transferto the account of, specified in item 2 of these terms of use, whether making an advance payment to the account or using the payment systems available in the online shop PRZELEWY24. The purchase confirmation is the Proof of Purchase. To cancel an order, the Buyer must send an email at and provide the individual order number and his/her telephone number. The cancelation of the orderis possible until the third calendar day after the Buyer has received a confirmation that the due payment has been credited to the bank account Fun in Design, because the product ordered is produced based on the Buyer’s individual order.

8. On the territory of Poland the ordered goods are shipped by courier, and the cost of delivery in the amount of PLN 15 is included in the value of the order. Shipments to other countries are calculated individually, a standard cost of shipment on the EU-territory is PLN 80. The cost of shipment for each country indicated by the Buyer is added 

automatically in the online shop in accordance with the applicable schedule of fees and it is visible in the shopping cart before the final confirmation of the transaction by the Buyer.  Because uses the services of renowned shipping companies, its goods can be delivered to most places around the world, however a delivery to some countries may not be possible.

9. reserves the right to change the prices of the products on offer, introduce new products, conduct and call off promotional campaignson the website, or introduce changes to them. holds competitions with its products as prizes; the competitions are organisedindependently or in cooperation with other entities (companies and natural persons). The provision in item 12, sentence one in these terms of use does not apply to products of won in such competitions.

10. The personal data provided in the order form in the online shop aregathered and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (consolidated text,Journal of Laws 2002,no. 101 item 926 as amended), only for the purposes of the order fulfilment and informing about the promotional campaigns, and they shall never be disclosed to third parties. Every customer of the shop has the right to view, modify, and delete his/her personal data in our database. Simultaneously the Buyeragrees to have his/her data disclosed to a shipping company to enable the delivery.

11. In accordance with art. 10.3 section 4 act dated 2 March 2000 on the protection of some of the consumers’ rights and the liability for damage caused by a dangerous product, the Buyer has no right to withdraw from the agreement for the purchase of products ordered in the online shop www.wiolawolczynska.plwithout naming the cause within 10 days after the conclusion of the agreement.
12. Exchange of the goods–The Buyer has the right to a one-time exchange (sending back at his/her own cost within 14 calendar days after the receipt) of the ordered clothes if the size, the cut, or the colour is wrong. The clothes should be sent back in original packaging,intact, with a note giving the reason for the return and the right size – optionally this piece of information may be sent to If under the circumstances the customer informs (e.g. by email sent at the address ) that he/she wishes to exchange the purchased product, he/she may send the package by courier ordered on his/her own.

13. Exchange of goods sent abroad –due to higher costs of shipment to other countries, the Customer sends the clothes back, due to a wrong size/colour/cut, at his/her own cost. Other regulations in item 12 are in force.

14. A Proof of Purchase is enclosed in every package; it is essential for the investigation of potential complaints. We give a warranty on all products. If on receipt of the goods the client notices any discrepancy with the order, or if he/she find physical defects, or if such defects are revealed during the use for intended purpose (damage that occurs at the user’s fault, whether accidental or intentional or due to use not as intended shall not entitle to any claim), he/she shall inform about it and send the package back at the address quoted in the introduction to these terms of use. does not accept COD packages. The Proof of Purchase should be sent back with the goods and a detailed description of the cause for the complaintand its circumstances.The preferred way of handling the issue should also be stated(refund of the value of thegoods, repair or exchange). All complaints are investigated within 14 working days after they are received. Damaged goods will be exchangedfor new, flawless, and if this is impossible (due to lack of materials necessary to produce them), will return the Buyerthe total price of the goods or offer him/her other products available in the shop.

15. All disputes related to the services provided by shall be resolved by Polish common courts with the proper jurisdiction.